An Angular Home Made Of Recyclable Concrete By Atelier Tekuto


Designed by Japanese architecture studio Atelier Tekuto, ‘R-Torso-C’ is an angular exposed concrete home located in the heart of Tokyo. Working within tight space constraints, the architects cut away at the building’s corners and installed triangular windows to create a unique geometric structure. Additionally, the concrete used throughout the four-story building is completely recyclable and has been mixed with volcanic ash typically found in southern parts of Japan.

Tokyo, March 24 2015 – R-Torso-C House by Atelier Tekuto.

All images © Toshihiro Sobajima

Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_1Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_2Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_3Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_4Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_5Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_6Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_7Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_8Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_9R-Torso-C House by Atelier TekutoAtelier Tekuto_Architecture_11Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_12Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_13Atelier Tekuto_Architecture_14
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