Uncomfortable Jewellery By Oleksandra Gerasymchuk

In the project ‘Autodiscipline Wearable Jewellery’, French designer Oleksandra Gerasymchuk developed jewellery pieces that explore the relationship between beauty and discomfort. Each piece was designed so that the person must adopt a certain position, often stiff and straight, in order to wear it correctly. “The project is questioning jewellery’s role, which identifies itself as a medical device and ornament, as well whose goal is to glorify the whole of silhouette,” says Gerasymchuk in a statement about the project.

Gerasymchuk_Design_! Gerasymchuk_Design_2 Gerasymchuk_Design_2_2 Gerasymchuk_Design_2_1 Gerasymchuk_Design_3 Gerasymchuk_Design_3_1 Gerasymchuk_Design_4 Gerasymchuk_Design_4_1 Gerasymchuk_Design_5

All images © Oleksandra Gerasymchuk