Isabelle Wenzel Captures Bodies Defying Gravity


German photographer Isabelle Wenzel captures dynamic self-portraits of her body defying gravity in the ongoing series ‘Field Studies’. In most of the images, her face is concealed while her legs are in mid-air and seem to have a life of their own. To create the photographs, Wenzel presses the camera auto-timer and then runs to contort her body into various positions and repeats movements over and over again. The photographer, who trained as an acrobat as a child, explores the idea of performance in photography. We’ve featured her ‘Positions’ series previously.

All images © Isabelle Wenzel

Isabell Wenzel_Photography_1Isabell Wenzel_Photography_2Isabell Wenzel_Photography_3Isabell Wenzel_Photography_4Isabell Wenzel_Photography_5Isabell Wenzel_Photography_6Isabell Wenzel_Photography_7Isabell Wenzel_Photography_8Isabell Wenzel_Photography_9Isabell Wenzel_Photography_10
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