Positions by Isabelle Wenzel


German photographer Isabelle Wenzel sets up surreal scenes in which she requests her sitters to engage in a very physical pose: they hang upside down, contort like acrobats or stick their high-heeled legs out of homemade cardboard constructions. Their faces don’t matter. Often Wenzel works by herself: She presses the self-release and has only 10 seconds to get into position to take the shot.

Taking the body as a responsive form, she uses it to capture movements or postures of anonymous posers in a figural moment. You can see the traces of performance art, of her former acrobatic training, of her fascination with movement and power symbols and her obsession with the perfect moment. The result is an ensemble of ironically and humorously charged images, in which the models are suspended between object and subject, alien and known.

All images © Isabelle Wenzel

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