Evelyn Bencicova Photographs Life Under A Socialist Regime

Born in Slovakia and living in Vienna, photographer Evelyn Bencicova captures life under a socialist regime for her series ‘Asymptote‘. The project was realized in cooperation with art director Adam Csoka Keller. In her work, which we’ve featured before, the 22-year-old focuses on the conceptual and visual aspect of photography. The compelling images show people wearing identical masks in symmetric formations and a cold architectural environment.

In a statement about the series, Bencicova says: “This project should serve as a complex illustration of the era and a kind of eye-opener especially for the younger generation, which often lacks interest and a deeper insight into what life under the socialist regime actually looked and felt like.”

EvelynBencicova_asymptote-01 EvelynBencicova_asymptote-02 EvelynBencicova_asymptote-03 EvelynBencicova_asymptote-04 EvelynBencicova_asymptote-05 EvelynBencicova_asymptote-06 EvelynBencicova_asymptote-07 EvelynBencicova_asymptote-08 EvelynBencicova_asymptote-09 EvelynBencicova_asymptote-10 EvelynBencicova_photography-01 EvelynBencicova_photography-02 EvelynBencicova_photography-03 EvelynBencicova_photography-04 EvelynBencicova_photography-05 EvelynBencicova_photography-06 EvelynBencicova_photography-07 EvelynBencicova_photography-08 EvelynBencicova_photography-09

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