Mesmerizing Skyscrapers In Hong Kong By Peter Stewart


In the series ‘Stacked‘, Australian travel and fine art photographer Peter Stewart captures mesmerizing images of skyscrapers in one of the most densely populated places in the world – Hong Kong. Shooting from various levels, Stewart reveals hypnotizing perspectives as well as ornate architectural patterns. In a statement about his work, Stewart says, “I lust for capturing bustling cityscapes and dynamic landscapes wherever my passport will take me, but I also have a growing passion for street portraiture and documentary photography of the sights that go otherwise unseen.”

All images © Peter Stewart

Peter Steward_Photography_0Peter Steward_Photography_2Peter Steward_Photography_1Peter Steward_Photography_3Peter Steward_Photography_4Peter Steward_Photography_5Peter Steward_Photography_6Peter Steward_Photography_7Peter Steward_Photography_8Peter Steward_Photography_9Peter Steward_Photography_10Peter Steward_Photography_11Peter Steward_Photography_12Peter Steward_Photography_13Peter Steward_Photography_14
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