Top 10 Minimal Desk Accessories


Each day, we spend long hours at our desks, which is why it’s important to keep it beautiful and tidy. Here’s a list of our favorite minimal desk accessories that can help you keep your tables organized. The following items are made with both design and function in mind and are crafted from some of our favorite materials like paper, wood and concrete. Enjoy our selection and take a look at our shop for even more accessories for your desk.


These tiny paper globes by Japanese design duo Drill Design are produced in collaboration with the Marumo Printing house. The folded paper can be colored in and makes for a special item for your desk. It’s available for purchase here.



This ballpoint pen by Minimalux is made of solid brass. Its timeless design makes it a staple for your desk and can be a good gift for any stationery-lover. It’s available for purchase here.



This DIN A3 plissé folder by Hay is the perfect little storage helper for your desk. The many foldable pockets are the ideal size for everything from important documents to letters and notes. You can get it for €36 here.



Made of marble, this cup by Bloomingville lets you store all your pencils in a beautifully simplistic way. It’s available for € 36 here.



These tiny deco diamonds come in a set of 5. Made of concrete, each one of them measures 3cm x 2cm and adds a unique touch to your desk. They’re available for purchase here.



This wooden hand by Hay is one of those design objects that can be either used as desk decor or to store pencils and jewelry. Additionally, it can be taken as a hand model when drawing. It’s available in three different sizes and you can get it here.



The designers behind Onto Katuh created the ‘Tetriplug’, a charging station which can be used together with colleagues when placed in the middle of an office table. It comes in various designs, this one is the ‘J’ shape and it’s available here.



Design studio Minimalux specializes in classic pieces and these sleeves made from untreated leather are no different. Their various sizes are perfect for everything from a tablet to business cards. You can get them here.



XD Design has created the ‘Solar Suntree’, a charging station for your mobile phone and MP3 player. The docking stations are on top of the bamboo branches and its unique design is certainly an eyecatcher for your office. You can purchase it for €99.95 here.



Created by Swedish designer Tove Adman, this tape dispenser features a minimal design thanks to its concrete form. It’s part of a series of small concrete design objects and available for purchase here.

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