Top 10 Submissions Of The Week #1


Since we’re always on the lookout for exciting projects from creatives, we recently launched a nifty submission tool so artists, photographers, architects and designers can upload their work through our site. Although not all submissions will be published, we do take the time to look at all of them.

Each week, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite projects in our Top 10 Submissions post. If you’d like to submit your work through our site, click here. Enjoy your weekend.

‘Innocent Dark Minds’ by Michaela Metesova

In the series ‘Innocent Dark Minds’, Warsaw-based photographer Michaela Metesova aims to subtly reveal the dual nature of a child’s world. The black and white photos attempt to depict the loneliness that children often experience as well as the thin line between innocence and cruelty. See more photos here.

‘Sparkling Flaws’ by Issac Lam

Hong Kong-based fashion and portrait photographer Issac Lam shot a series of images exploring the beauty of flaws and imperfections. For the ‘Sparkling flaws’ series, Lam spent nearly a year shooting two teenagers who had albinism to further delve into the theme. See more photos here.

‘Kuiper Belt’ by Katerina Kopytina

Named after a disc-shaped region in the solar system, the ‘Kuiper Belt’ project is a series of elegant and quirky hanging pots by Katerina Kopytina. According to the Moscow-designer, each piece “represents a new form of life, which is denoted by its symbol on the bottom of the pot”. See more photos here.

Photographs of youth by Trang Doan

Photographer Trang Doan shot a conceptual photo series featuring youth in natural settings. See more photos here.

‘She’ by Lubna Abdelaziz

Photographer Lubna Abdelaziz creates surreal self-portraits that border on the line of photographs and paintings. The images feature a figure covering parts of her body with bouquets. See more photos here.

Photographs by Alberti Nastasia

London-based photographer Nastasia Alberti created an ethereal photo series featuring female subjects in nature. See more photos here.

‘Dodge the Lunch’ by Tibor Galamb

UK-based photographer Tibor Galamb shot a series of photos drenched in pastel colors for ‘Dodge the launch’ for PS magazine. See more photos here.

‘A Place On Earth’ by Elisa Ritter

Self-taught artist and photographer Elisa Ritter captured a series of serene landscapes exploring the connections between humans, nature and spirits. See more photos here.

‘Moods Clock’ by Paula Studio

Designed by Italian design and architecture practice Paula Studio, ‘Moods Clock’ is a simple plexiglass wall clock that tells you more than just the time. Instead of numbers, each clock consists of black letters that spell out a message that help you procrastinate. See more photos here.

Adventures in nature by Chris Beecroft

Based in Australia, photographer Chris Beecroft shoots natural landscapes from his travel adventures. See more photos here.


If you’d like to submit your work through our site, click here.

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