Ethereal Flame Paintings By Steven Spazuk

For over a decade, French-Canadian artist Steven Spazuk has been working on a technique called ‘fumage’, which involves using the flame of a candle or torch as a pencil to create paintings with trails of soot. He then uses tools, such as feathers and scrapers, to sculpt the plumes of soot left behind on the canvas to form various shapes. A video of Spazuk’s process can be seen below. His latest exhibition, titled ‘Smoking Guns & Feathers’, was held in Norway and reflected on the global impact of human lifestyles on the animal species and Earth’s ecosystems. See more of his previous work here.

Steven Spazuk_Art_1 Steven Spazuk_Art_2 Steven Spazuk_Art_3 Steven Spazuk_Art_4 Steven Spazuk_Art_5 Steven Spazuk_Art_7

All images © Steven Spazuk