Dan Voinea


The series of paintings by Dan Voinea is called ‘A momentary rise of reason’. It constitutes a deliberated exercise in sanity and the absurd in the realm of the surreal. By means of basic, sparse compositions and frugal coloring, the artworks depict every-day stereotypes in which the strange detail contaminates the apparent reality with the absurd. The logic commands a reading from right to left, while the suggested substance of the story is no longer the foundation of the whole, but merely a guilty last brush- stroke, the author’s unconditioned reflex. Time is suspended, the characters are ageless, the backdrop minimal. Light itself hesitates between flooding the overexposed frame or whimsically set itself upon the shapes. The imperfectly square frames gather the characters into the center of a setting described more out of weakness for the real than for stylistic reasons. The seminude bodies become briefly inflamed under the flashlights.

All images © Dan Voinea | Via: I Need a Guide

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