Playful Images Of Food By LAZY MOM


New York-based prop stylist Josie Keefe and visual artist Phyllis Ma, who work together under the pseudonym ‘LAZY MOM‘, create vibrant and humorous images using food. Through brightly colored backgrounds and peculiar food arrangements, the duo’s work exudes an element of playfulness and wit. In a statement about the collaboration, they say LAZY MOM is about making “images and objects that subvert traditional takes on the still life”. The pair has also begun working on stop motion animations, which you can view below.

All images © Lazy MOM

LAZY MOM-fruitducken_1LAZY MOM-fruitducken_2LAZY MOM-fruitducken_3LAZY MOM-fruitducken_4LAZY MOM-fruitducken_5LAZY MOM-fruitducken_6LAZY MOM-fruitducken_7LAZY MOM-fruitducken_8LAZY MOM-fruitducken_9LAZY MOM-fruitducken_10