‘Metropolis’, A Furniture Series That Mimics Skylines


Metropolis‘ is a multi-purpose furniture series created by Milan-based designer Giacomo Moor for Post Design Gallery. Made of walnut wood and black-varnished iron, the furniture pieces “outline architectural shapes that, in addition to responding to specific demands, evoke archetypal metropolis skylines” says Moor. The collection consists of seven pieces – a coffee table, desk, wardrobe, console, bookcase, horizontal and vertical wall system – produced in limited editions.

All images © Max Rommel

Giacomo Moor_Design_02Giacomo Moor_Design_04Giacomo Moor_Design_03Giacomo Moor_Design_08Giacomo Moor_Design_07Giacomo Moor_Design_06Giacomo Moor_Design_05Giacomo Moor_Design_01
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