Hybrid Furniture


Designer Bina Baitel reinterprets everyday objects both in their format and through their production process. She has a special way of looking at furniture, objects and lighting and thus creating hybrid objects, which present two typologies and the french handcrafted savoir-faire.

The first piece ‘Tarah’ is inspired by Oriental lifestyle, in which mattresses are rolled out on the floor in order to share moments of pleasure, friendship and exchange and becoming a living space with its own little piece of furniture besides the table. A quilted surface can be rolled up and buckled on itself, like a sort of horse saddle rug. The side lamp ‘Pad’ makes this hybridization between the light source and the flat surface possible. Combined with a new formal concept, the skin is no longer just an envelope but the essence itself of the object, where you can lie on and read a book.

All images © Bina Baitel | Via: Dejoost

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