A Rising Furniture Series By Robert Van Embricqs

Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs created a rising furniture series, in which each piece starts with a flat surface and is capable of intricately folding itself up into an minimal design. The collection, which features mostly furniture made of bamboo caramel, includes a chair, table and fruit bowl among others. Inspired by natural forms, Van Embricqs’ work predominantly explores the extent to which objects can dictate their own design.

Embricqs_Design_2 Embricqs_Design_212 Embricqs_Design_1 Embricqs_Design_4 Embricqs_Design_Shell11 Embricqs_Design_Shell10 Embricqs_Design_Shell9 Embricqs_Design_Chair7 Embricqs_Design_Chair5 Embricqs_Design_Chair6

All images © Robert Van Embricqs