A Minimal Stationery Kit By Plan-S23


The K-1 Stationery Kit by Russian design studio Plan-S23 is a clever desk accessory that can be combined in various ways. Although each part of the kit has its own specific function, they all fit together in a coherent manner. The name K-1, which means ‘Konstruktor-1’, is inspired by Soviet construction toys. Run by Maxim Scherbakov and Alexey Galkin, Plan-S23 is based in St. Petersburg and works mostly with interior and product designs.

All images © Lesha Galkin

Penal_gif-1 copyScherbakov Design 01Scherbakov Design 02Scherbakov Design 03Scherbakov Design 04Scherbakov Design 05Scherbakov Design 06Scherbakov Design 07Scherbakov Design 08Scherbakov Design 09Scherbakov Design 10Scherbakov Design Resized
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