A Concrete Summer House By BAK Arquitectos


BAK arquitectos constructed the AV house, a concrete summer home in the forest of Mar Azul in Argentina. Surrounded by the lush natural landscape, the architects’ goal was to design a building that integrates into the maritime environment through its shape and use of materials. The exterior is made of exposed concrete and the large windows capture the light that passes through the trees. Additionally, the interior is completely made of concrete, which regulates the thermal insulation.

On the inspiration behind it, the architects say: “The project was undertaken as an opportunity to propose shapes, materials and alternative uses in harmony with the particular environment. The search was then oriented towards a purposeful architecture of a more relaxed housing and whose materiality and formalization was the result of a desire for belonging to that pre-existing reality.”

All images © Gustavo Sosa Pinilla | Via: Uncrate

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