A Timeless Pendant Design By Louis Poulsen

PH5 Pendant
Clemens Poloczek

The interplay between light and shadow is an endlessly fascinating oscillation — one that literally keeps the world turning. While we can’t control the hours of sunlight the changing seasons expose us to each day, we do have the power to determine how the lights we furnish our homes with affect our mood. One classic fixture we love both on and off is the ‘PH 5 Pendant’ from Louis Poulsen, designed by Poul Henningsen. The 100% anti-glare lamp – crafted from spun aluminium – is based on a reflective three-shade system, directing its light both laterally and downwards to illuminate itself. In honor of its timeless design, we shot an exclusive editorial revolving around the P5, capturing its transition from darkness into light, and back again.

All images © Clemens Poloczek 

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