Pawel Franik Captures Moments Of Solitude In Vast Public Spaces


For the series ‘On his own’, Polish photographer Pawel Franik captures moments of solitude in vast public spaces. Instead of loneliness, the minimal photographs celebrate the beauty of being alone. By placing his subjects in the center of each photo, he not only portrays an individual in the need of alone time, but zooms in on a place where each person can be in their own private emotional space.

On the inspiration for his work, the photographer says: “We live in a world of tremendous acceleration and where there is a constant quest for our purposes. In a world where there is no place for the proverbial ‘minute for one’s own self’, the time when you can stop, talk to your own thoughts and feel the desirable harmony is imporant.”

All images © Pawel Franik | Via: This Isn’t Happiness

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