Psychedelic Candy Installations By Pip & Pop


Australian artist Tanya Schultz, who works under the pseudonym Pip & Pop, creates immersive art installations using sweet materials such as candy and sugar. In addition to incorporating edible ingredients into her work, Schultz also uses everyday craft materials and found objects to create her psychedelic wonderlands. When asked in an interview about why she works with sugar, she responded: “I really love stories about paradise and imaginary worlds, but especially stories of lands made of food. It’s an ancient kind of fantasy that exists throughout many cultures.”

All images © Keizo Kioku / Andre Castellucci / Willem Velthoven / Pip & Pop

Pip and pop_Art_4Pip and pop_Art_1Pip and pop_Art_2Pip and pop_Art_3Pip and pop_Art_5Pip and pop_Art_6Pip and pop_Art_7Pip and pop_Art_8Pip and pop_Art_9Pip and pop_Art_10
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