Artere-a Unlimited By Carlos Cartama


“Artere-a Unlimited” is the work of Spanish artist Carlos Cartama which can be considered as a result and continuation of the ideas presented in shoring of an Exhibition Space. The building stock is firstly compound inside the exhibition room. After the structure is disassembled and transferred outside, where tubes are put together again, the original exhibition space is recreated in unpredictable scenes. The tubular structure dimensions are 380x290x230cm and reproduce the volume of Artere-a’s exhibition room. The sharpness and geometry generate strangeness when placing the structure in the new location where the original container becomes the content of the artwork itself. When the viewer stands in front of the presented work, it makes him think about the relationships between the work itself, the space occupied and the comfortable place that is given to the viewer.

All images © Carlos Cartama

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