Flickr Friday #139


The sun has already set, yet you are still hoping for warmth. I am there, taking off my glasses and you go “whooo-hoo” like a siren, rubbing your eyes, rubbing your chin. Later in the kitchen we are swallowing “Hot Love” while I am thinking; “boy, I am freezing”. I want to throw up, like in Spain, to throw up and not having to think of anything but, never again. In bed you are lying all stiff and all so cold. You say: I am freezing. And I say: Why don’t you go out.

Text by Anna Töws

Image © Kristina Dorniak-Wall

Image © Ja-shang Tang

Image © Cassie Von P.

Image © Dean Raphael

Image © Silvia Campus

Image © Elena Helfrecht

Image © Issac Chen

Image © Chloe Mighton

Image © Simon Herve

Image © Daniel Carrillo

flickr-friday_kristinadwflickr-friday_ 左 撇子
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