Sensual Portraits Of Women By Johanna Stickland

Canadian photographer Johanna Stickland captures candid and sensual portraits of women in intimate surroundings. Her subjects are typically bathed in natural light and express an array of emotions through a single glance. In a statement about her work, Stickland says, “These photographs don’t necessarily tell a specific story, but rather appear as fragmented scenes, the way you hold a memory of someone in your mind… Women hold a lot of inner mystery and emotions, which interests me greatly.”

Johanna Stickland_Photography_9 Johanna Stickland_Photography_6 Johanna Stickland_Photography_7 Johanna Stickland_Photography_collage 2 Johanna Stickland_Photography_8 Johanna Stickland_Photography_3 Johanna Stickland_Photography_5 Johanna Stickland_Photography_2 Johanna Stickland_Photography_4 Johanna Stickland_Photography_collage 1 Johanna Stickland_Photography_1

All images © Johanna Stickland