A Living Staircase For Reading, Drawing, Relaxing And Drinking Tea


Paul Cocksedge Studio created a living spiral staircase with open spaces for reading, drawing, relaxing and drinking tea. It’s located in a new co-working space in London, Ampersand in the Soho district. The whole staircase is more than 12.5 meters high, made of a timber and steel construction, while each level serves a different purpose: the first level has a ‘Zettel 6’ light designed by Ingo Maurer for drawing or leaving messages, the second one includes a library of source books for creative thought. Lined with greenery that resembles a ‘flying’ garden, it’s a place to go for relaxation and creative thinking.

Paul Cocksedge himself says about the idea behind this project: “If a staircase is essentially about going from A to B, there is now a whole world living and breathing in the space between the two.”

All images © Marc Cocksedge | Via: Contemporist

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