New Zealand – The Freedom of the Open Road


We’ve featured German photographer Katharina Jung previously on iGNANT, currently she’s traveling New Zealand with her camera, providing us with beautiful shots of the majestic landscape and the people she meets along her way.

She states: “As soon as i left my home, I realized that I’m home. I left all the trappings of money, power, status and definitions behind and I started the journey of my life. In each of us there is that burning desire for freedom, seeking for happiness, looking for a fulfilled life. All we need to do is trust, follow the signs, open our hearts and minds and use the power within to create the life we are dreaming of. What do I want to create in my life? Am I in touch with my deepest desires? What is the purpose? Question that I asked myself. Ready to find answers, I packed my belongings and left the warm, cozy nest to spread my wings and fly on my own.

There are such few words to describe this journey and how liberating it is to break out of the cage and to follow my heart. As it’s difficult to find words, I’m very blessed to have photography as one of my passions. Photography gives me the chance to express myself, my feelings and share at least a small essence of the magical moments that I try to capture along my way.
My vision is to share these moments, to share the happiness from my brothers and sisters around me, to share the endless beauty of this land and every creature on it. Free yourself, follow your heart and spread the message. ‘Dream on little dreamer, this is how it all begins.'”

All images © Katharina Jung

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