Astronaut Suicides By Photographer Neil Dacosta


After the space shuttle Atlantis completed its final expedition in 2011, the US shuttle program was terminated. Inspired by this event, American advertising and editorial photographer Neil Dacosta produced a photo series titled ‘Astronaut Suicides‘. The images, which were created in collaboration with art director Sara Phillips, reflect on the iconic profession of the astronaut and how the perception of the job has evolved in the past decade. In an interview about the project, Phillips said, “The incongruity of the astronaut in these situations is, we hope, compelling and humorous, and we hope that we’re encouraging a younger audience to pay attention to what’s going on.”

All images © Neil Dacosta

Neil Dacosta - Astronaut SuicidesPhotography_Neil-Dacosta-2Photography_Neil-Dacosta-3Photography_Neil-Dacosta-4Photography_Neil-Dacosta-5Photography_Neil-Dacosta-6Photography_Neil-Dacosta-7Photography_Neil-Dacosta-8Photography_Neil-Dacosta-9Photography_Neil-Dacosta-10Photography_Neil-Dacosta-11Photography_Neil-Dacosta-12Photography_Neil-Dacosta-13
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