Surreal Selfies by Izumi Miyazaki


In 2012 Japanese photography student Izumi Miyazaki started a Tumblr to share her creative output with the world. Her work revolves around herself, captured in suburban scenes and private spaces mixed with absurdity and humor with an element of realness that we usually associate with street photography. Rarely is anyone else visible in her pictures, making Miyazaki the sole star in this fictitious world. When asked about her preference for selfies, she explains that she grew up as a lonely child: “I don’t feel lonely when I make and watch photos of a double me.”

Miyazaki also sells some merchandise such as tote bags and buttons of her images. She explains that she’s keen to use her clients as means to ‘exhibit’ her work on the street. If you’d like to purchase some of her stuff, click here.

All images © Izumi Miyazaki | Via: It’s Nice That

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