Embroidered Patterns In Flesh By Eliza Bennett


For the photographic series ‘A Woman’s Work is Never Done‘, artist Eliza Bennett literally creates handstitched artworks using her own hand as a canvas. By sewing a thread into the top layer of her skin, she manages to apply the age-old technique of embroidery in flesh. In doing so, the hands appear to be marked by hard work. With this series, Bennett wants to raise awareness on the traditional ideas of “women’s work”, such as cleaning and caring, and its consequences on the physical body. Most of the time, these tasks are considered easy, but are often underpaid and done under bad conditions.

In a statement about her work, the artist says: “I need authentic experiences of my own, in the act of creating this becomes possible. I sculpt because I am driven to commit a feeling to something tangible.”

All images © Eliza Bennett | Via: Empty Kingdom

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