Otherworldly Photography by Karl Dmitri Bishop


Cambridge-based photographer Karl Dmitri Bishop creates surreal, somewhat mystical images that seem to come straight from another planet. His shots are highly constructed and processed, sometimes they feel rather like paintings then photos with an intangible quality of otherworldliness. With an ever growing audience, Dmitri Bishop leaves a sense of wonder and mystery with his magical work.

All images © Karl Dmitri Bishop

Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_01Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_02Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_03Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_04Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_05Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_06Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_07Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_08Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_09Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_10Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_11Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_12Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_13Karl Dmitri Bishop_Photography_14
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