Top 10 Artworks For Your Home On Artsper


On iGNANT we’re surrounded by amazing art and photography everyday. Some of the works we see are actually so well-done that we’d like to have them hanging on our own walls at home. We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, no matter if you’re an informed collector or if you just began your collection. Anybody can collect art according to your possibilities – and you should since art is not loosing its value, in the best case its appreciate in value and isn’t a great artwork just the best investment?

The platform Artsper offers a large variety of artworks no matter if you’re interested in paintings or fotoprints, in established artists or young talents. The online gallery focuses on contemporary artists from all over the world, amongst them some familiar faces and some exciting new discoveries. We picked our personal Top 10 Artworks from their gallery. There is much more to find on Have fun browsing.


Ren Hang is a regular on iGNANT as we’re always fascinated by his provocative and explicit photography. Ren Hang lives and works in Beijing, while he was born and raised in China where his fellow countrymen are often not able to cop with his revealing photographies of nude men and women in deliberate scenes. The above print that he created in 2013 can be purchased here.


Anyone who has read an art blog ever has probably come across Liu Bolin who has become famous for his ‘Invisible Man’ photo series. He creates meticulous planed and executed shots that create the perfect illusion of a man, camouflaged with his background. On some images you’re almost not able to spot the person, that’s literally blending into the city. The artist and photographer is able to create this tension that challenges the viewer to question what is above and beneath the surface. The above print can be found here.

Alma Haser

She’s also been featured by us and we still enjoy looking at her works so she’d definitely be a suitable candidate for purchasing a print. Her series Cosmic Surgery has three stages. Firstly Alma photographs her sitter, then prints multiple images of the subjects face and folds them into a complicated origami modular construction, which then gets placed back onto the original face of the portrait. Finally the whole thing is re-photographed. You can find her available prints here.


We were not familiar with Vincent Fillon’s work before we spotted him on Artsper. His work though is quite cool as he specialized in making images of architecture, working mainly with architecture firms and institutions. He is currently working on a personal project about buildings and places in reconversion. The ‘entre-deux’ serie explores our relationship with time, our perception of space and the future of our heritage and historical places. You can find the print above here and more of his artworks here.


Antoine Rose is a familiar face again. We’ve introduced his ‘Up in the Air’ series that he dedicated to aerial shots that he kept doing ever since. He offers a completely new and unexpected perspective on everyday sceneries. You can see more of his available prints here.


New York-based artist Petros Chrisostomou has also been featured on iGNANT though we’ve not seen the above pictured work yet which has been taken 2013. Petros Chrisostomou constructs hybrid spaces that are as sculptural as photographic, drawing inspiration from concepts of hyperreality. These works not only revel in signs and symbols – the simulacra of contemporary life, they transcend that postmodernist trope of the simulacrum, offering distinct traces of the skewed realities of the Dadaists or fantasies of the Surrealists. You can get the print over at Artsper.


This one is probably not for everyone but we still like the artwork called ‘Black Notes’, taken in 2008. Zhang Wei was born in 1977 in Shang Luo, China. He studied at the Film Academy of the Beijing School of Photography. He lives and works in Beijing. You can find all of his available artworks here.


We’re always smiling when coming across Li Wei’s works as they are so light-hearted and fun. He arranges strange situations that express a desire of weightlessness. He usually uses levitation devices combining mirrors, metal cables and acrobatics to create dynamic shots in the intersection of the physical feat and the frozen image. Find the above print here and all of his available works here.


This work by Bruno Gadenne will not comes as a print but the actual painting in 120 x 150cm. Bruno Gadenne has a DNSEP in Painting from the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg, France. In his works he focuses on landscapes that he discovers on his trips around the world. Using diverse pictorial techniques, he created strange dimensions by diverting certain elements, to create a tension between the esthetic aspect and the disturbing aspect of the work. Bruno Gadenne furthermore looks for a double interpretation in the painting: the quality of the material and the depth perception interest him just as much as the represented image. His ambitious intention is to capture the spectators’ attention, to hypnotize them. Find the artwork here.


This mixed media installation is probably more suitable for advanced collectors due to its price and measurements. Bernard Pras is a true master of illusions, using humor to make an inventory of our lives through the chaos of the objects we consume, but also to create from popular images new icons, like portraits of Che Guevara, Van Gogh, Dali or Einstein. We’ve already featured him on iGNANT, his works are now available on Artsper.

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