Top 10 Bike Racks


We love biking and we’re glad that the biking season is still on though it’s slowly starting to get uncomfortably cold, windy and rainy on our bikes soon, so you might want to think about storing it at a safe and dry place. Though how about including your friend into your living space instead of tucking it away in the cellar?

We found ten bike racks that will turn your walls into the perfect storage space for your wheeled friend. Enjoy.


This multi-functional bike shelf is made of birch wood, designed to provide clever bike and accessories storage at the same time. It has storage space with a cover panel. The piece is handcrafted in Latvia, the price is €120.00, click here for more info.



These minimal wooden bike hooks are made for light sports bikes that you want to store indoors. It is a very simple but good looking bike storage solution which works in every home. This pair comes in plain oak wood, the length of the hook is 32 cm and they are 3 cm in diametre. It’s recommended not to hang bikes which are heavier than 13 kg. The pack of two costs €65.00.



Alexa Lethen is based in Hamburg, Germany, where she creates beautiful and simple design products. Her bike hooks come in various styles that make it quite hard to choose as they all look just perfect. You can find them all here.
These steel kooks can be easily taken off the knobs when you don’t need them, thus they will never be in the way by sticking out from the wall. The applied rubber coating protects the varnish of the bicycle frame. They are available for €89.00 here.



This rack seems to lean against the wall, holding your bike and all important utensils like keys, coats, coins, etc.. The shelf is available in alder or acacia wood while it has leatherhooks at the side to store all your important tools, that you need to have at hand. If you are interested in purchasing it, just get in touch with Sy1t by sending them an email.



These handcrafted wooden bicycle shelves are painted in playful, bold colours, designed to light up any room in your house. The shelves are made from light Spruce wood and come in drops (cyan), magenta and acid (green) colours. A thick felt band protects the wood and your bike while an iPad slot provides a stand for your high tech gear. Two removable wooden hooks are placed on the side in order to maximize the storage space and hang your bike chain, keys or helmet. You can get it for €75.00 here.



SLÎT has a foldaway mechanism that, when open creates a stable holder for your bike, when closed, it withdraws so discreetly that it practically becomes one with the wall. While the shelf provides space for your equipment, the protective felt overlay guarantees soft but secure support for your frame. You can get it for €225.00 here, it is also available in black.



This is the rather pricy version of a bike rack by Woodstick Ltd. that comes in high quality oak for a price of €523.16. It’s handmade and only available in a limited volume production. The texture is made from the carefully selected Oak wood stub cross cut, birch and Oak plates. It has a very specific shapes that works as an object in the room also when your bike is not on it. Find more info here.



Another one from Berlin-based design company MIKILI named KAPPÔ that makes a clear design statement in your room and provides plenty of storage space for your helmet, lock, magazines, or camera. The recessed protective felt overlay holds your frame securely in place without scratching it. The shelf is made from birch veneer with a melamine coating, you can get it for €265.00 here.



When we visited designer Steffen Schellenberger in his studio, he was working on his ‘Urban Wardrobe’, that can hold your bike as well as all kinds of utensils that you’ll need when you leave the house. It is made from metal and wood and is now available for €198.00 here. It can store bikes up to 18kg.



Mas Dolor specialized in racks that can hold your bike or even your skateboard, featuring other little gems such as an included planter or a mosaic sculpture. You can get this rack for €90.00 here and find more here.


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