We Are The Water by Sonja Hinrichsen

In joyful expectation of the first snow we’re sharing this piece by Sonja Hinrichsen entitled ‘We Are The Water’. The Oakland-based artist is best known for her immersive snow drawings that she usually creates with the help of a few volunteers. The pictured series aims to recreate the original flow of the Yampa River and its 4 main tributaries.

The river is now dammed and the valley is filled with water. In a 4-hour effort the groups of volunteers walked across the lake on snowshoes to create a pattern of a general stream as well as paying tribute to the moods of water, as its flow may be slow or fast, rough or smooth, straight or meandering, whirling in circles and racing down rapids. The piece was photographed from an airplane the day after the event.

All images © Sonja Hinrichsen