Mühlestrasse Residential and Studio Building


Architectural practice Amrein Herzig created this house and studio in Edlibach, Switzerland. The interpolated basic form of the residential and studio building exploits the maximum space available within the confines of the construction site. The quadrangular form is dissolved in the loft, where two volumes occupy opposite corners. That gives the form a maximum vertical effect and achieves the same basic sculptural theme on all sides.

The storeys are split into four sections using voluminous partition walls that accommodate all auxiliary uses including the stairways. The residents can use a wide range of apparently identical rooms. They are given their specific uses depending on their alignment, sunlight conditions and accessing possibilities. The industrial shell gives the fair-faced concrete an almost shiny surface. It combines with the façade-flush glazing to create a dematerialized, ambivalent surface that gives the building a deliberately unapproachable expression.

All images © Amrein Herzig

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