Twisted Reality by Elena Fortunati


Italy-based photographer Elena Fortunati is living in Rome, where she studies Art History. With her works she aims to translate her ideas and thoughts into reality. For that matter she uses all kinds of materials, from pencils over film and scanner, her camera or just some old photos and something to manipulate them. She gets inspired by her surroundings, by observing people and their interactions and by the artificial in our everyday lives. You can also follow her on her Facebook.

All images © Elena Fortunati

Elena Fortunati_01Elena Fortunati_02Elena Fortunati_03Elena Fortunati_04Elena Fortunati_05Elena Fortunati_06Elena Fortunati_07Elena Fortunati_08Elena Fortunati_09Elena Fortunati_10Elena Fortunati_11Elena Fortunati_12Elena Fortunati_13Elena Fortunati_14Elena Fortunati_15Elena Fortunati_16Elena Fortunati_17
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