A Collaborative Ode To Summer’s End

Graphic designer and art director Laura Knoops joined forces with photographer and filmmaker Arnaud Ele, to work on a collaborative visual ode to summer’s end.

In ‘An Ode to Summer’s End’, Knoops and Ele guide a viewer through their summer journeys, reminiscing the holiday season solstice as a time for exploration and discovery. The experimental series captures figures and natural landscapes in scenic locations between France and Switzerland, including fragments of Fanny Paldacci’s art piece “at the Tip of the Swell”, and is comprised of simple photographic compositions and digital photomontages, created through layering shots post-production. The collaborators juxtapose images of the environment and with figures exploring water and rock faces, forming a dual narrative dialogue of time spent out in the open, and the quieter moments in between. Reflecting on the series, Knoops and Ele comment, “Every summer has a story to print. A constant warmth, riding through magical landscapes made of nature and bare skin.”


All images © Laura Knoops and Arnaud Ele