Yuri Andries’s Promises Of The Mind


Although – at first sight – Yuri Andries’s imagery seems to simply depict awe-amazing landscapes, it is the human presence within nature for which the photographer actually searches in his practice. In the series ‘Promises of the Mind‘, Andries captures small human figures surrounded by the grandness of nature, and by doing so, he highlights the fragility of humankind’s existence. Showing reality from above, the photographer also emphasizes how small man actually is in the face of the nature. All the images were taken in Algarve, Portugal.

All images © Yuri Andries

Yuri_Andries_Photography_01Yuri_Andries_Photography_02 kopiërenYuri_Andries_Photography_03 kopiërenYuri_Andries_Photography_04 kopiërenYuri_Andries_Photography_05 kopiërenYuri_Andries_Photography_06 kopiërenYuri_Andries_Photography_07 kopiërenYuri_Andries_Photography_CoverYuri_Andries_Photography_Feature
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