A Playhouse built by Anna & Eugeni Bach


The architects couple Anna & Eugeni Bach promised their kids a playhouse that they built on their grandparents farm in Finland.

The structure of the small cottage is very simple, repeated in two equal modules but oriented in opposite directions. One of these modules is double-height (to the scale of children), which allows an adult to enter the house without having to bend. The other module has two levels, connected by a simple ladder.
The interior becomes what children understand as an essential house: a larger space that could be the living room, a lower space where the kitchen could be imagined and a higher ground where there could be the rooms. The abstract nature of the interior spaces allows a child´s imagination to flow, and those spaces that could be identified as a domestic interior can suddenly become the dungeon of a medieval castle, or the attic in the main tower from which to shoot arrows at enemies.

All images © Tiia Ettala

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