Vistamar by Mario Dotti


The series ‘Vistamar’ or ‘sea view’ when translated from Italian by Milano based photographer Mario Dotti offers views of a beach of sunburnt holidaymakers in a ‘perfect world’ beach resort. The slightly over-exposed look adds to the feeling of bright sunlight and his pastel-coloured pictures present an idealised image with powder-blue parasols, pink hotels, yellow sun loungers, reddened bodies and bored looks.

Dotti states ‘Accidental postures of the people and random situations in the frame appear as being a sort of scheduled elements of a wider posed scene, where each square meter, each row, contains a microcosmos with its people and stories’.

All images © Mario Dotti | Via: i-ref

Mario Dotti_Vistamar_01Mario Dotti_Vistamar_02Mario Dotti_Vistamar_03Mario Dotti_Vistamar_04Mario Dotti_Vistamar_05Mario Dotti_Vistamar_06Mario Dotti_Vistamar_07Mario Dotti_Vistamar_08Mario Dotti_Vistamar_09
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