Travel Photography by Benjamin Giesbrecht


Benjamin Giesbrecht is a Canada-based photographer from Vancouver B.C. who focuses on capturing his day to day adventures through the lens. His photos are full of simple modest landscapes often complimented by a human element. He is always on the road driving across the country exploring new locations, meeting people and shooting everything along the way. You can also follow him on his trips on Instagram.

All images © Benjamin Giesbrecht

Ben Giesbrecht_01Ben Giesbrecht_01_1Ben Giesbrecht_02Ben Giesbrecht_03Ben Giesbrecht_04Ben Giesbrecht_05Ben Giesbrecht_07Ben Giesbrecht_08Ben Giesbrecht_09Ben Giesbrecht_10Ben Giesbrecht_11Ben Giesbrecht_12Ben Giesbrecht_13Ben Giesbrecht_14
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