Transustainable House by Sugawara Daisuke

Japanese architects Sugawara Daisuke tackle their four features of urban housing – small building sites, diverse styles of living, endlessly updating townscapes and artificial thermal environments – with their so-called ‚Transustainable House’ located in Chofu, Tokyo.

The house is separated into private rooms and common grounds in-between them with additional semi-indoor grounds created by placing frosted glass walls around the site, changing the inhabitant’s spatial reception. This layout of space does not only adapt to different living arrangements, but also offers four varying types of air condition: high indoor, mid indoor, mid outdoor and uncontrolled.
Each and every building also influences the look of his surroundings and, especially in Tokyo, they are changing at a fast rate. The façade if the Transustainable House is partly made of plaster mixed with iron and raw metal and is going to rust when exposed, offering continuous change on it’s exterior.

All images © Jérémie Souteyrat