Ocean Beach by Douglas Ljungkvist


The graphic, colorful and still series ‘Ocean Beach’ by Brooklyn based photographer Douglas Ljungkvist documents a unique place in the American landscape, a vacation paradise in the 50s named Ocean Beach in the north of Lavallette NJ. It’s a place with strong yet quiet subtexts of time, memory, and identity. Photographing in the off season allowed him to studio the color, form and spatial relationships showing signs of an bygone era. He felt the project was ready to publish when Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore in October 2012 and destroyed cottages that he had recently photographed. He began taking pictures again, this time documenting the post-storm landscapes without roofs, with floors full of sand and doors open to the ocean breeze.

The body of work was published by Kehrer Verlag in the spring of 2014. The book includes 92 color photographs and introductions by Harvey Benge and Steve Bisson.

All images © Douglas Ljungkvist

OceanBeach_DouglasLjungkvist_01104 West Shell WayOceanBeach_DouglasLjungkvist_033345 Seaview RoadOceanBeach_DouglasLjungkvist_05254 West Bayview DriveOceanBeach_DouglasLjungkvist_07OceanBeach_DouglasLjungkvist_08OceanBeach_DouglasLjungkvist_09OceanBeach_DouglasLjungkvist_10OceanBeach_DouglasLjungkvist_11OceanBeach_DouglasLjungkvist_12OceanBeach_DouglasLjungkvist_13OceanBeach_DouglasLjungkvist_14OceanBeach_DouglasLjungkvist_15
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