Insta Fav #80: Harry Glazier


Our Insta Fav of the week is Harry Glazier, a freelance photographer from San Fransisco who is into shooting foggy landscapes as well as capturing precious moments with his friends and family. We enjoy his candid point of view giving us an insight into his daily life. Get to know him in the following Q&A and make sure to visit his feed.

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Where are you from? How does that place influence the way you photograph?
I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, I live about 30 minutes outside SF. The area around me is so unique, there really is no place like it in the world. My favorite thing about San Francisco (specifically summertime, ironically) is the consistent fog and overcast weather. It makes shooting on-the-go very easy and “Karl the Fog” (as locals have so affectionately dubbed SF’s frequent visitor) always makes for fun and unique imagery.

What are your favorite environments to shoot in?
I enjoy shooting mainly with close friends, something about it makes creating images so much more effortless. Like I mentioned earlier, fog is super fun and unique to shoot in. It adds even more character to all the amazing parks and locations of San Francisco.
In addition to shooting on-the-go, I also love taking day trips and dedicating chunks of time to just taking pictures. Northern California is day trip heaven. Some of my favorite places are Point Reyes, Mt. Tam, and Carmel. You really could go to each of those multiple times, spend hours roaming, and not see nearly all there is to see.

What are the strengths of shooting primarily mobile? How does this affect your imagery?
Hands down the biggest plus of shooting primarily mobile is how convenient it is. I’m guilty of taking my phone with me wherever I go, which means for endless opportunities to take pictures of my surroundings. I love capturing ephemeral moments, and shooting with my iPhone is absolutely the easiest way to go about it. Sadly enough, I’ve trained myself to be able to pull my phone out of my pocket and take a picture in under five seconds flat.

Who and what are the things that inspire you?
I’ve been really inspired by neutral colors a lot lately. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m drawn to them a lot. I’m also heavily inspired by travel, specifically region-specific architecture and the natural features of a location (topography, weather, flora/fauna, etc.).

Favorite instagrammers?
Most of my favorite Instagrammers are actually people I know personally. Seeing them in action gives me more respect and love for their work.
@tennisguy, @sonofnasser, @laurendavison, @corinaesquivel, @bethanymarieco, @lifeserial have all been some of my favorites lately.

Tell us a little about your everyday.
I actually just got hired at a little coffee place in my town, which I’m pretty excited about. I’m a freelance photographer, which I hope to turn into a career in the future, roaming the world and shooting travel-based lifestyle editorial for magazines and brands. But my everyday life varies from week to week honestly. When I’m not in school, I’ll be in and out of San Francisco multiple times in a week. Some weeks I’ll go to the gym before sunrise every day, others I won’t even think about going on a run.

I like to split time between investing in friends and community, and hanging out with good ol’ me, myself, and I. I enjoy reading a lot, so if I start a book sometimes I’ll hole up in my room for a few days and blow through it. I think it is totally healthy for artists to seclude themselves every now and then and just recharge, which is what I do often. Spending time in my own thoughts, reflecting on random things often leads me into developing new concepts for photo shoots and whatnot.

Which Apps do you use to edit your pictures?
VSCO Cam! It’s my best friend.

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