All The Place You’ve Got By Devin Lunsford

All The Place You've Got

In ‘All the Place You’ve Got’ American photographer Devin Lunsford has captured the beautiful but foreboding landscape beside Corridor X, the highway that links his home of Birmingham to Memphis.

Corridor X is a recently completed interstate project that winds through a once-remote part of northwest Alabama. Lunsford has photographed the desolate and sometimes eerie towns that line this highway. Cast in golden hues, the scenes—though beautiful—often hint at menace. There is a road sign peppered with bullet holes, a shadow that seems to bleed red into its surroundings, empty houses and shuttered coal mines. Yet despite the desolate nature of these photographs of the deep south, there is something sublime about Lunsford’s series—the honeyed light making even the broken car window a vessel of nostalgia.

All images © Devin Lunsford

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