Discovering Greece From An Unexpected Perspective


Out on the open roads of Greece, it’s easy to relish the journey as much as the destination. In collaboration with MINI, we invited photographer Costas Spathis to explore the country’s unending natural landscapes, capturing the road trip from an unexpected perspective.

The journey begins in Athens, aiming for a destination in the northern part of the country, almost 500 kilometers down the Athens-Kozani national road. Having heard of the ‘Neraida High Bridge’ as one of the longest in Greece, we are compelled to follow its path over the large, artificial Lake Polyfytos. With an overhead drone camera, breathtaking aerial images are recorded to capture a rarely-seen perspective of the landscape’s unique geometries and remarkable colours. Our MINI Countryman perfectly complements the landscape with its island blue metallic tone, contrasted by a white roof, which mirrors the occasional passing cloud. As it passes by the natural Lake Yliki in the central region of Boeotia, a striking shot is created of this important drinking water source, characterised by its deserted surrounding terrain. The city of Chalkida presents another memorable landscape, contrasting rich and lush greenery with impossibly clear water. At the eastern coast of this area, we make a waterside pause on a T-shaped concrete jetty, one of the many structures of minimal form that are present in the marina. On return to Athens, we drive through complex clusters of road intersections and roundabouts, which pose for our bird’s eye camera as intricate man-made subjects, incongruous with the natural environment. Passing by Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, we meet one of the incredible serpentine roads, titled to reference their snake-like path in the steep hills and guide our meandering journey back to the capital.


All images © Costas Spathis for iGNANT Production
– In collaboration with MINI

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