Top 10 Analog Photographers


Analogue photography always had and still has a certain fascination as you still need to have some general knowledge about the act of taking pictures and the results are kind of unpredictable. Thus we love and admire photographers who are using film, transforming it into beautiful images. The following list of our ‘Top 10 Analogue Photographers’ is actually comprised of regulars on iGNANT, who are certainly amongst our favourite photographers.

We focused on ten photographers that are all depicting a similar topic, succeeding in capturing the beauty of women. Though if you click on their names, you’ll be able to discover much more of their talent. Enjoy.

Lukasz Wierzbowski

Definitely not to be missed in this list is Lukasz Wierzbowski aka Neon Tambourine, a Polish photographer who proved more than once to have a fantastic eye for mood and composition. He succeeds in bringing flat images to life, creating a balance and sense of equality between viewer and model.


Cristóbal Escanilla

Cristóbal Escanilla is a professional photographer and videographer from Santiago de Chile. He specializes in beautiful portraits of women that he shoots mainly analogue. He uses lightning and setting to add a pure, nostalgic style to his photography. More of his work can be found here.


Giulia Bersani

Giulia Bersani’s tender portraits reflect a certain profundity though at the same time they seem airy and light-hearted. Giulia’s world is like a summer dream made of soft light, dreamy motifs and intimate portraits; innocent, natural and timeless. For more, click here.


Christina Paik

We immediately fell in love when we first discovered Christina Paik’s gorgeous portraits. Her pictures are vivid, expressive and full of emotions. You can also find more pictures from this young talent on her Tumblr.


Can Dagarslani

Can Dagarslani’s photography photography deals with femininity, a subject that appears heavily in his work, though it never feels sexualized. Quite the opposite, in fact. The pictures are sensitive portraits of women in a delicate moment of self-indulgence. The soft lighting coupled with the casual, skin-revealing outfits leave both little and much to the imagination.


Sophie Van der Perre

We follow photographer Sophie Van der Perre since she started making lovely pictures of her friends and muses. Today, she is on the verge of a breakthrough as she’s working for renowned fashion magazines and brands. Well deserved, we must say.


Li Hui

The Chinese self-taught photographer Li Hui creates dreamy, sensitive pictures that often seem otherworldly. We’ve already featured her work several times on iGNANT and she has also been part of our 24 Hours series though we sill can’t get enough of her work. You can find more of her beautiful imagery here.


Dennis Auburn

Dennis Auburn says about his own work: “I am for youth, going to the unknown, and learning throughout the process.” That actually describes his approach pretty well. Whoever still doesn’t know what this young man is up to, should have a look here where you’ll get a very clear idea of why his works stands out.


Lina Scheynius

In her photography, Lina Scheynius captures daily scenes, travels and most of all intimate scenes of friends and lovers, portraying her life with casualness and honesty, in a way that is both touching and beautiful.


Nina Ahn

Nina Ahn’s sharp and thoughtful pictures are definitely worth a closer look and we gladly show you some more of her intimate imagery in this earlier post. For even more of her works, visit her Flickr.


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