Marc C. Woehr


Graffiti triggered Marc C. Woehr’s passion for art in the age of 15. An open-air passion that shapes his output to this day. Back in the days, conquering the coolest spots, highest rooftops and most iconic landmarks had priority – a precarious pursuit that has not only earned him a lot of visibility, but also new perspectives on the cities he has called home. Changing decades brought changing perspectives – and a switch from adrenaline-soaked escapades to quieter, canvas-based excursions.

In 2002, he set his sights on creating art that would challenge the international gallery scene. A goal reflected in his exhibition roster, including stints at the Carhartt Gallery (now Colab), Art Basel, MODART, STROKE or Art Basel Miami Beach. The latter involved a 40-metre facade alongside OBEY Shepard Fairey, WK and Mr. Brainwash, followed by further shows in LA (West Hollywood) and Washington, D. C.

Driven by a sense of space and freedom, Marc applies his skills to large expanses, working with mixed techniques and a big variety of materials. From abstract to collage-like, from wood to paper, from acrylics to spray paint and charcoal – whatever helps manifest his vision. Yet while his works exude control, the actual creative process behind it all remains largely intuitive, lending the overall oeuvre a surprising heterogeneity.

To find out more and see the artist in action, mb! Magazine paid Marc C. Woehr a visit in his Stuttgart studio. The artist also created the cover for the latest Mixed Tape #56 that you can download for free here. More info as well as an interview with the artist can be found here.

All images © Harald Völkl | Via: mb! Magazine

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