Chloe Giordano Creates Tiny Embroidered Animals


Oxford-based artist Chloe Giordano creates impressive tiny embroidered animals that have a 3D quality. From a hare to a sleeping fawn, most of her pieces aren’t bigger than a thumbnail. Giordano, who has an illustration background, typically works from a detailed sketch and the embroidery is made by packing the stitches together.

All images © Chloe Giordano

Chloe Giordano_Art_1Chloe Giordano_Art_2Chloe Giordano_Art_3Chloe Giordano_Art_4Chloe Giordano_Art_5Chloe Giordano_Art_6Chloe Giordano_Art_7Chloe Giordano_Art_8
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