Spontaneous sculptures


So we’d like to introduce Brad Downey, a visual artist adorning public streets with his sculptural installations. Strongly influenced by Duchamp, Downey’s approach relies on imminence visual communication and is playing against our everyday outlooks.

From Dadaism to minimalism, he is a bright example of a modernist sculptor, whose works dive deep into the anarchy of the 21st-century globalized cities. His road works last as long as officials care to allow and occasionally, the nature of the materials he uses. For example, the spectacle we gawked at the street of Berlin in 2011, a square-shaped salami, camouflaged against a paved street flooring until a dog wolfed it up. With some nostalgia and clues of good humor Downey’s work rebels against the obsessions that govern public spaces. Obviously we could write a really long essay about Downey but we are sure the pictures will tell a lot more…

All images © Brad Downey

downey01downey02downey03downey04downey05downey06downey07downey08downey09downey10downey11VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 Wdowney13downey14
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