Werkhaus by Thomas Kröger


Architect Thomas Kröger designed the ‘Werkhaus’ in Gerswalde. The whole dwelling is covered in green corrugated iron that lets the building blend into the rolling hills of the surrounding nature.

Inside the house is divided in three units: studio, living- and working space. The working space was completely renovated and a new wooden construction links the former flat-roofed building with the studio. An extensive glazed showroom opens the view towards the landscape. In the two-storied area you’ll find offices and meeting rooms. The studio was already running during the construction work and some of the wooden parts were built and assembled right on the spot.
The contrast between raw materials and delicate surfaces as well as fine details dominates the inside. The sleeping area is completely covered in pinewood. Pinewood was also used to create panels for the meeting room where they hide all functional parts such as cupboards, tea kitchen as well as the entrance to the living rooms next door.

All images © Thomas Heimann | Via: The Tree Mag

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