Watching TV by Olivier Culmann


In his latest series Olivier Culmann photographs people ‘Watching TV’. The eyes of the viewers seem to be glued to the screen, hypnotized by the flickering images it shows. Their bodies curl up on the couch and begin to collapse. Nothing could be more banal. And nothing more unsettling.

Because that is how, in quasi-immobile passivity, when the brain has gone numb, that we television viewers receive the world in its entirety. They watch a reflection of the reality which is nevertheless miles away from the real life. The news, comedies and movies from all over the world unfold and transform opinions, let prejudices arise and inform about countries and people one never met. Though as they sit in front of the TV set, we get the feeling we know them. Looking at them, Olivier Culmann is looking at us.

All images © Olivier Culmann

Watching TVWatching TVWatching TVWatching TVWatching TVWatching TVWatching TV
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