Le Tronc Creux du Frigo


‘The Tronc Creux’ by Bruit du Frigo is part of a series of shelters spread around Bordeaux. The original idea was to create a hiking path all around the city, connecting waste land, parks and forests, giving the possibility to anyone to make short holidays in its own neighborhood while exploring unknown areas.

For this purpose the small shelters of the Tronc Creux were developed. Featuring an undulating façade of cut-out windows and black wooden details marking its exterior, the structure is atypical to most mountain refuges. However, it still provides a similar atmosphere and purpose, and on the interior there is enough space to sleep for 9 people. Reconnecting to a simple life, there are no lights and no water, just family and friends in a peaceful setting, right next to their homes.

All images © Bruit du Frigo | Via: designboom

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